Why Choose A Rating?

Superior analytics and data management

A Rating is a data-driven business.  The majority of the business\' resources and efforts are committed to managing, analysing and understanding available customer data in a way that gives A Rating possibility to develop appropriate and effective solutions for clients and at the same time safeguard clients’ reputations. A Rating exploits these data insights to tailor collection strategies based on each individual customer\'s circumstances.

Strong track record and established client base

A Rating is committed to maintain relationships with existing clients and at the same time constantly works to expand its customer base and build broader relationships within the business community.  A Rating’s steady growth (illustrated by over 300% growth in portfolio size since 2010), extensive experience in various business sectors for different types of credit and debt management make A Rating a logical partner for credit and receivables management for both existing and new clients. Our broad base of customers comprises not only leading banks and microfinance organizations of financial sector in Georgia but also business companies having quite different types of liabilities.

“No Cash, No Fee” pre-legal policy and fair fee calculation

A Rating exercises “No Cash, No Fee” pre-legal policy that means no commission is charged if the debt or credit isn’t recovered. A Rating\'s intention is to tailor a collections approach suitable for each individual customer, thus avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with the much less precise collections approaches. Fee calculation is based on the clients’ portfolios’ in-depth analysis by debt collection, analytical and legal departments.

International reach

A Rating, through its international partner company network has experience in international debt recovery. We are ready to assist our International customers that have debt in Georgia as well as provide service to local companies with International debts through our specially trained professional international debt recovery specialists. 

Dedicated Account Manager

A Rating strives at the highest levels to establishing and maintaining long term relationships with clients.  More than anything, a long term relationship enables A Rating to develop an increasingly detailed knowledge of a client\'s customer base with each subsequent transaction, thus enabling better customer service.Commitment to maintain long-term business relationships with existing customers and offer superior service to them is expressed in our account management system. Any action planned is agreed with the customer to safeguard their reputation. Reporting system enables customer to monitor and control the debt recovery process and get detailed analytics any time.